Why do we have Operating Principles?

Too often, companies use vague and hard-to-action values to define their culture (startups are particularly guilty of this). We’ve probably all worked somewhere where the values that were preached weren’t really honoured in practice.

In reality, a company culture isn’t defined by a set of aspirational statements. It is defined by actions. By how we choose to behave every day, even when no one is looking.

Our Operating Principles define the behaviours we want to work by. Each principle should be considered as part of a whole—they’re designed to complement and counterbalance one another (any principle taken on its own, and followed to its logical end, could lead to absurdity).

As our team grows and matures, we expect these principles to evolve too, and we actively encourage each other to question and debate them. If something isn’t working—we’ll update our principles and resolve it. These are our principles, and we’re defining how we want to work together.

How we work collectively

🔐 Give trust from day one

🤝 Assume positive intent

📢 Invite alternative points of view

📑 Leave a paper trail

📨 Be asynchronous with project conversations

💝 Be generous with personal conversations

🤸 Participate

How we work efficiently

🙅 If it isn’t a “Hell YES!” it’s a “No”

🗑 Solve problems by subtraction

🧑‍🔬 Treat everything as an experiment

How we work sustainably

🧘 Work how, when and where you want